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Medicare information can be found just about anywhere, even in a podcast. So how do we make our podcast different? We make the content MODERN. Sure, we'll still talk about Medicare and the things that go along with it, but we'll also cover the things that make senior living fun! Your "Golden Years" should be exciting! And we think the stuff you listen to should be as well!

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Latest Episodes

Why Did the Plan F Go Away?

March 22, 2021

Most people have heard of the Plan F Medicare Supplement. It's still out there, but no longer available to new Medicare beneficiaries. We explain why it's gone away among other major changes to Medicare!

The Problem with Prescriptions

March 8, 2021

Prescription Drugs can be a PAIN. The coverage is all different, costs are different, and sometimes your costs jump up for no apparent reason! Understand how Medicare Part D coverage works is crucial to knowing which plan is best for you!

The Letters of Medicare

February 23, 2021

Medicare is one big bowl of alphabet soup, and it can be hard not to get a "vowel" movement trying to understand what they all mean. We're here to break it all down for you!


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